MSD Ignition Crank Trigger Distributor

MSD Ignition Crank Trigger Distributor

MSD Ignition Crank Trigger Distributor

MSD Ignition Crank Trigger distributors are designed for racing engines that use a crankshaft triggered ignition. Their low profile lets them fit in tight quarters and still accurately deliver the sparks. Built around a CNC-machined billet aluminum housing. Inside the housing, a sealed ball bearing. The base of the low profile distributors are injection molded from a glass reinforced material called Rynite. This produces an extremely strong base that dampens vibrations and is highly resistant to sparks. A large low profile distributor cap with brass terminals clamps onto the housing covering the racing rotor featuring deep vanes to stir up the air reducing the chance of spark scatter. Since these distributors are for racing applications.







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5/26/13 - Shawn left Sacramento untouched by his competition. He took home the the Super Street win along with the BRS E.T. and MPH records. 

RECORD PASS: 9.912 ET at 134.81.

9/1/13 - In the heat of the Sacramento day Shawn surprises the crowd with a 9.99 ET at 134.20 MPH! Another win for the Geers team.

10/19/13 - Shawn ended the season as the 2013 BRS Super Street Champ! The Super Street Ghia ran strong in Vegas with a 10:21 ET @ 131.79 MPH pass.   Congratulations to Shawn Geers and the Crew!

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