Front Disk Brakes

Front Disk Brakes

Front Disk Brakes
Geers Engineering is the Leader in Disk Brake Technology! We use a directional steel rotor from Strange Engineering. The one piece design is far superior than others. We also use Strange calipers which are lightweight aluminum and come with stainless steel pistons. Our kits use an application specific front caliper unlike other kits on the market that adapt rear calipers.

Geers Engineering provides a billet 7075 directional brake hub for use with Link Pin dropped disc brake spindles. These hubs are set up for the Chevy 5 on 4 ¾" or 5 x 130mm Porsche pattern and come with 14mm press in Sway Away studs, not 1/2" allen bolts. Complete with bearings and seals.

Chevy pattern for use with the Bogart, Erco and other brands of racing wheels. These come with ball seat lugs.

All Porsche pattern brakess come with ball seat lugs for use on Erco or original Porsche style wheels.

Comes with everything!!! Brakes are ready to ship!!

Optional: Polished hubs and brackets are additional $50.00 per set.







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5/26/13 - Shawn left Sacramento untouched by his competition. He took home the the Super Street win along with the BRS E.T. and MPH records. 

RECORD PASS: 9.912 ET at 134.81.

9/1/13 - In the heat of the Sacramento day Shawn surprises the crowd with a 9.99 ET at 134.20 MPH! Another win for the Geers team.

10/19/13 - Shawn ended the season as the 2013 BRS Super Street Champ! The Super Street Ghia ran strong in Vegas with a 10:21 ET @ 131.79 MPH pass.   Congratulations to Shawn Geers and the Crew!

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